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Jim always encourages dummies to smoke!
If you've managed to find this web site, obviously you're no dummy.
How you can be funnier than you already are? Click any link on this page!

Jim Richardson
P. O. Box 992
Mill Valley, California 94942-0992
Landline and messages 24/7: 415-877-4424

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About Jim and this Web Site
Jim Richardson offers a "Comedy University " for Stand-Up Comics and Keynote Speakers.

Serious Speakers
Oh, before we forget: serious speakers are warmly welcomed to this site. All good speaking follows the same exact writing and performing principles, a point often over looked at the speaker's peril.
All speakers need Jim's services just as much as the stand-up comics, whether you are telling a joke or making a serious point!
On this web site, Jim will be less concerned with what your speech is about than how you deliver it. For serious subjects, tone and emotional effects will differ, but little else.
Please understand that Jim refers to stand-up comics throughout these pages as theirs is the most difficult of speaking tasks. But always, Jim knows that others are reading, viewing and listening.

Online Tutorials for Stand-Up Comics and Business Keynote Speakers
Everyone, go ahead and try out Jim's free online tutorials to review your writing and performing fundamentals. These cyber lessons also give you a flavor of what it will be like to work one-on-one with Jim.
More material is available for home study in audio tape/workbook packages.

Jim's Education
Jim holds an M.F.A. degree in Playwriting and has done advanced studies in Dramatic Literature, History, Theory and Criticism at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, at Ph.D. level.

Jim works locally in his home/office, just 20-minutes drive north of San Francisco.
Jim also works globally via telephone, FAX, e-mail, web cam, etc.
Clients often fly Jim out for in-person consultations.

Web Site Updates
These web pages will be expanded monthly and, as events in the news prompt, sometimes weekly and even daily.
This is a living, breathing web site.
Interactive drills are expanded, and your feedback prompts improvements to the site--so, please speak up by phone or e-mail!
Sure, there's a lot of material here, more to be added and much, much more that you can order on tape today.

Working with Jim one-on-one
But the main thing is: work one-on-one with Jim, developing your specific act or speech.
Jim coaches you, edits and co-writes your comedy act or serious speech.

Consult with Jim to improve your writing and performing:
Clients: to get full value out of Jim's program, begin by budgeting at least 1/4 hour to one hour coaching/week.

Guess what?
You're next!
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