Photo of Chris Kauffman's old home page with black and white photo.

1997 Look


2003 Look

This black-and-white, mug-shot look was created by a friend of Chris Kauffman's.
October 2001, I cleaned it up a little.
I also added the video clips and edited the "Good Morning America" sequence down from a two hour show to a tight two-minute clip that focused on message and sells Chris.

But both this page and the over all site remained static.
Essential information was lost in a clutter of similar type spacing, etc.

March 25, 2002, Chris says:
"I am very pleased with the look and feel of my new web site that you have just completed.
My new web site versus my old web site is comparable to a modern day CD player versus an old hand crank record player.
Thank you for bringing me from the 19th century to the 21st century!"

Check it out:
You can click on the images of his before/after home pages to compare the two version of his web site.

I gave Chris's site a full face lift by March 19, 2002.
And I continue to keep his web site updated.
Chris continues to endorse my work and April 12, 2006, he described the financial benefits on Atlanta AM radio 1620's "Comedy Happy Hour" which you can listen to right now on the player of your choice; these 24-second audio clips load and play instantly even on slow dial-up connection speeds:
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Windows Media Player

Chris now has a colorful and fully integrated, multimedia web site which displays his talent dynamically.
Every page has a new surprise or two!
Layout draws the eye to essential information.
All roads lead to the crucial "Good Morning America" video.
The user can view the video right here, and right now!
There is dramatic build and comic pay-off.
And the 7 video clips offered at both dialup and broadband connection on all three major media players guarantee that every user will be able to see Chris at his best.

More from Chris:
"Jim, this looks really good!
My target market is the large group of corporations, comedy clubs, agents and speakers bureaus who demand high quality in the comedians, actors and speakers that they book.
My new web site conveys the quality image that I am seeking."

Sometimes it's worth it to do a day's work!


1997 Look


2003 Look

This poor use of web site real estate wastes space on the right side of the screen as designed by a friend of Jackie Morgan's.
The initial browser window gives the user no essential information, forcing the user to scroll down to find out who-what-where-when-how-why information.
Studies show that a surprising number of users either do not know how to scroll down or are so uncomfortable with using the mouse and/or the Page Down key that they will go on to another site where they can just click to get information.
When a potential client leaves your site, then you have just lost a sale!

Photos of Jackie's students are on a second page filled with 13 small thumbnails which each launch a full sized image into yet another page.
However, those pages have no navigation instructions, requiring that the user know how to work their browser's Back Button.
That is the only way they can ever find the thumbnail page again to access the other 12 photos.
Good luck!

Jackie got her copy and graphic materials to me via email and I worked out a solutions, as described in the column to your right.

With the Internet, I can work on anyone's web page, anywhere in the world.

Check it out:
You can click on the images of Jackie's before/after home pages to compare the two version of her web site.

June 6, 2003, Jackie says of her new web site make-over:
I love my new web site —
    Just saw the finished Web page. Sure a step up from the old boring one. Looks good.
    The colors are great!
    By the way: I liked the way you worked with me, helped me get it going and taught me how to keep it updated. You are also very prompt!
   I have been getting some emails from my students who saw the new site and really liked it. You might get a kick out of their comments.
   Everyone liked their pictures. I like the flow of the pictures in the slide show."

I gave Jackie's site a full face lift on June 5, 2003.
And I showed her how to easily update her own class calendar without having to go through a web designer; she now continues to keep her calendar updated herself!

This is an example of a one-page web site with two popup windows: one for her calendar and one for a slide show of her students happily painting away.
The user has clear navigation instructions through text links within the slide show window which can be used by even beginners who do not yet know how browser Back Buttons work. The user can easily see all the photos from the same browser popup window; i.e., the user will see everything you want!

With this single-screen-plus-two-popup-windows design strategy, economic use of the initial browser window gives the user all the information they need instantly without having to scroll down for anything.
Studies show that users love to click, hate to scroll.

If your web site needs are just bare-bones contact information and a calendar schedule of events, then all you need is a simple but elegant design.

Without video clips and complex JavaScript programming, turnaround time can be as rapid as one-two days, my schedule permitting.

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