Jim's bio

I have worked for over 30 years with stand-up comics, business keynote speakers, politicians, ministers--all solo performers.

I was also a Co-Founder of the San Francisco State University Film Guild in 1964. Since then, I have written over 250 film and stage reviews, been a theater director and a multimedia artist.

My work with comics parallels my web site designs: like comedy, your feedback is instant, not theoretical usability studies. In comedy, the audience either laughs, or you re-stage and re-write! This same interactive design process keeps your web site focused on getting instant results from your visitors.

The Redwood Empire Players

I have been working professionally in the theater since 1967, more than 40 years. I directed West Coast Premieres of off-Broadway plays for 5 years through my own theater company, The Redwood Empire Players.

Organized Comedy

Next, I began producing stand-up comedy shows through my own business, Organized Comedy. By now, I have an over 30-year national reputation for coaching successful: stand-up comics, business keynote speakers, politicians, etc. I began working with stand-up comics on their writing and performing in 1977 and 1980-1983, taught the first Stand-Up Comedy course for credit at a university in the USA at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California, one hour north of San Francisco.

Business Keynote Speakers

In 1988, I began working with professional speakers who were already good and, as one put it, "made us great!" By 1996, even politicians began contacting me (totally unsolicited!) to help out with their presentation and interview skills during that year's election.


My successful students and clients have won most major Stand-Up Comedy Competitions in the country, including the grand prize on Ed McMahon's 1991 "Star Search" TV show: $100,000!

These excellent comics have gone on to write for, co-produce and host national TV shows and won many, many TV Emmies.

Working with stand-up comics and business speakers since 1977 has given me unique perspectives on how the sound bite works in all media.

Oracle's "Virtual Man"

This comedy background really helped in November 1999 when Oracle asked me to be their on camera talent "Virtual Man" to tape 21 video commercials which I had to re-write on-the-fly.

The TV ads were 90 seconds each. These spots promoted all the major "dot com" web sites then using Oracle 7, 8i, etc., databases (some are now "dot gones"): CD Now, Diamond Multimedia, Liz Claiborne, Micros Systems, Travelocity, Cisco Systems, eGM, e-Toys, Open Interactive, HomeGrocer, Chevron, Telia, etc.

Biggest hit of the day was my impression of Joe Pesci ("Goodfellas") doing a Miadora spot pushing a Mafia pinky ring. (BTW: there is no Mafia.)

All 21 spots were shown at Oracle Week in Los Angeles to promote their video-on-demand ITV Video Server.

The Pitch

You got it, I can re-write it:
    I specialize in fast turn around!
    Sound bites that sell both you and your company--the user must have your product or service, and he/she must have it now!

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