Jim Richardson's Flash animation movies

1) Flash animations require the free Flash Player plug-in which your probably already have on your computer along with 440 million other Internet users. Hint: if you can access animated electronic greeting cards, then you are likely good-to-go.
   However, if you have any problems playing Jim's animations, just get a new plug-in which only takes 1 minute to download, even on slow connections.
   The plugin will either install itself or you may need to drag it into your browser's plug-in folder; then, quit and relaunch your browser, and you will be all set.
   Here is a link to the simple and very user-friendly instructions for getting your free Flash Player plugin:
Macromedia Flash Player logo button
2) For best viewing, please maximize your browser window to full height and width.

3) MS Windows users: as PC's ship with audio turned halfway down, please make sure your volume is up to full:
   A - The path will be something like:
        Start>Programs>Accessories, Entertainment, Volume Control
   B - Turn all sliders up to full.
   C - Close volume control window.
      Then, control volume by clicking on your taskbar speaker icon, and adjusting the slider





Jim's new internal Flash animation site launched on Tuesday, June 4, 2002, featuring:

Click me to play "Career Moves" game

Six new Flash animations —
   New game: "Career Moves"
   Currency converter
   and four audio clips from Jim's speeches
Note: if you see the graphics for "Career Moves" game or "Canadian $" currency converter but neither works according to the instructions, please take just one minute out of your day to get the new Flash Player 6 plugin.

Jim's other Flash animations:
   Download times only apply to slow connections: home 28.8/56K modems, or less. On fast connections, all these Flash animation movies will download instantly.

Xmas 2001 Card (164K, 6 second download; Plays: one minute)
Comedy Calendar (284K, 1 minute 7 second download; Plays: one minute)

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