Jim Richardson's outdated 2003 web site design Rate Sheet
For 2014:
Jim's rate is $100/hour for designing & programming your video-driven web site.

Minimums to get your web presence beyond social media freebies:

•$500 for a one page web site without your video; i.e., a placeholder for when you eventually create a marketable video of your act or speech.
Design should match your business card, brochures, back-of-the-room (BOR) sales, etc., and gives you a professional web presence where you control the means of production.
Fees for designing matching promotion are extra.

•$1,000 for one page with one video clip programmed for both a computer version for Flash Player and an Apple iOS version for iPhone, iPodTouch & iPad.

Additional pages and videos: please ask for a quote.

See order form.

Service Packages: Copper
Web pages, 3 screens/page 1 page 1 page 3 pages 5 pages, Example 5 pages
Rollover buttons Extra fee Yes, Example Yes Yes Yes
Remote rollover Extra fee Extra fee Extra fee
Yes, Example
4 Links & Images/page 4 4 12 20 20 Links, Images
Gold or Platinum Packages =
2 connection speeds (dialup and broadband) x 3 media players
(QuickTime, RealVideo and Windows Media Player) =
6 versions of the same
1 minute video clip x 2 clips = Total of 12 versions clips:
Number of video clips 0 1 1 2 2
Total clip versions: 0 6 versions 6 versions 12 versions 12 versions
Flash animation 1 min. intro.:
Extra fee Extra fee Extra fee Extra fee

Yes, Example

Introductory rates:
$500 $1,000 $1,500 $2,500 $3,500
Best Deal
Limited time offer: to give you triple your value, for a great price I will design your web site in the above HTML version, plus add both a Flash and interactive PDF version. For more information on this 21st Century, threefold plan-of-attack, please click here:
Rich Internet Applications

Included with all Service Packages:
Add-Ons (possible additional fees)
Standard art work Included Late changes to text, graphics, media Possible fee
Scanning photos, artwork Included To create unique art work: logos, etc. Extra fee
Digitizing analog media Included Advanced programming Extra fee
Advising where to host site, how to get your web address, etc. Included For information regarding any work beyond our agreement and/or later updates to your web site, uploading additional video clips and the advantages to subscribing to Jim's Service Retainer, please click here.
Uploading,initial link testing Included

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