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Used digital effects to parody horror film promotions in an ad for my speeches, shown at MacWorld 2003
(stills edited together back before I even had my first digital camera!):

Trailer parody still: hands as glasses seeing into the future.
Back in 1997, Jim looked into the future!
Jim's trailer parody (0:49) 1-2003

Film work, alternates between voice overs and on-camera work:
Danube Dan's hat.
"Danube Dan"
(2 min., 10 sec.) premiered at 2010 Mill Valley Film Festival:
Leads up to appearance of two mystery guests--
Written, directed, shot and edited by me.

Title over tree.
First video I created after getting my first HD camcorder out of the box:
Rattlesnake Salad (3:28), 6-20-2007

Example of an office interview using available light.

Corporate-style speeches from a podium, me on-camera:
Smiling.Two hands in profile as though in conversation with each other.Extending left arm, palm up.Right arm up to ceiling followed by eyes.

Coach Says newsletter cover.

I answer questions after my speeches,
here used as an introduction to various articles in my online newsletter "Coach Says"
7 short HD video clips 10-4-2013

How-to HD videos with me as on-camera talent while directing/shooting/editing behind the scenes:
Wireless mic title card.Wireless mic on talent in back of garden, arms exanded.
"Why use a wireless microphone for large venues?"
(1:23), 5-3-2007

Notes before sleep shot with supered title.
"Get Jim's notes after you perform and before you go to sleep"
(1:27), 2-8-2010

Comedy Kitchen #1 screen shot of video player. Comedy Kitchen #2 screen shot of video player.
Comedy Kitchen #1: "Object as Metaphor; Basic microphone technique; Solve techie problems instantly: What to do when the club's sound & lights go out?" (4:42), 4-19-2009
Comedy Kitchen #2: "Microphone Technique that greatly impress anyone considering hiring you as a well-paid stand-up comic or business keynote speaker" (8:45), 8-3-2012

More how-to videos with me doing over voice and editing:
JFK 5 min 21 sec into 7 min. 26 sec. video clip: screen shot.
"Topical Monologue: 11 joke formats"
(7:26), 5-12-2006.
JFK impression via over voice begins 5 minutes, 21 seconds into the clip.

Choreographing the joke screen shot of 3 video players.
“Choreographing the Joke: Professional Stage Movement Workshops”
(6:14 and 35:39), 1-11-2006

I am a comedy coach and keynote speech writer,
more voice-over slide shows:

Edited in Final Cut Pro, then compressed into Flash video files.
New video tip every day for Stand-Up Comics, Keynote Speakers, Ventriloquists, Politicians and other solo acts.
Tip-of-the-Day video jukebox:
Screen shot of Tip-of-the-Day video jukebox.

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Member: Bay Area Professional Videographers Association (BAPVA) where on July 16, 2007,
I presented "Working with non-actors" in weddings, corporate events and commercial videos.

Professional software--video:
Final Studio 2 (nonlinear video editor) which includes:
Final Cut Pro 6.x (I have used FCP since FCP 2.x), plus:
Motion 3, LiveType 2, Soundtrack Pro 2, Color, Compressor 2 , Cinema Tools 4,
DVD Studio Pro 4 (Professional DVD authoring), and QuickTime Professional 7.x.
     I lead the Final Cut Pro Special Interest Group (SIG) for the Professional Videographers of the North Bay (PVNB).

Adobe Creative Suite 4:
Production Premium:
After Effects CS4 Professional, Premiere Pro CS4, Photoshop CS4 Extended,
Flash CS4 Professional (ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0, can output to Flex 3), Illustrator CS4, Soundbooth CS4
and Encore CS4 ( Professional DVD authoring which can already author Blu-ray Discs and publish SWF content to the web).

Discreet Cleaner: for encoding web movies to play in all the other major video players:
RealVideo, Windows Media Player and QuickTime examples

Professional hardware--video:

Sony HVR-Z1U: digital HD video camcorder.
iPhone SE: 4K video, etc.
Sennheiser evolution wireless 100 G2: wireless microphone receiver/transmitter set (great sound!).
Azden dual-barrel professional shotgun microphone
Digidesign's Mbox 2 Mini with Pro Tools LE mobile Audio Workstation:
digitize, edit and filter out unwanted sounds.

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