Jim's Track Record
Jim has been working professionally:
  • in the theater since 1967 (more than 40 years!)
  • began working with stand-up comics in 1977 through his company
    ORGANIZED COMEDY and 1980-1983, taught the first Stand-Up Comedy course for credit at a university in the USA at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California, one hour north of San Francisco.
  • In 1988, Jim began working with professional speakers who were already good and, as one put it, "made us great!"
  • By 1996, even politicians began contacting Jim to help out with their presentation and interview skills during that year's elections.
Jim's Successful Clients
Jim's students and clients have won most of the major Stand-Up Comedy Competitions in the country, including the grand prize on Ed McMahon's 1991 "Star Search" TV show:
These excellent comics have gone on to write for, co-produce and host national TV shows and
WON many, many TV Emmies.
A page of this web site is devoted to all these good folks as well as top keynote speakers with professional backgrounds in various fields. Jim will constantly be adding their audio clip contributions to this web site in which you'll hear them giving you further tips. Client quotes

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