Jim's online tutorials are just samples based on his home study program. Have they whetted your appetite? Ready for the real deal? Eager to get started? No problem: the full home study version is available now: covers topics far beyond Jim's ambitions for this web site:

Note: highlighted tutorials are web pages: functioning as bare-bones introductions to topics
(more detail and depth is now available in Jim's home study versions).

Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy
Writing basics: Performing basics:

Intermediate Stand-Up Comedy
Intermediate writing: formats Intermediate performing: acting Intermediate performing: character

Advanced Stand-Up Comedy
Advanced writing: Premise Routines Complex Premise Routines

Post-Graduate School of Stand-Up Comedy
Post graduate school: the Act to Sell Your Act:

Sample update to my home study materials, kinda hints you'll keep finding on this web site:

Wit vs. Humor
Three movies of Humphrey Bogart provide a quick and easy illustration of "wit" and "humor," two very different sides of the comedy coin. Fortunately, all three Bogey flicks are available in video stores and are often played on TV. In fact, (12/97)Turner Classic Movies showed the entire trio. I will list the titles in their sequence, which is at once both chronological (year released) and evolutionary (aesthetically speaking): Most media and other folks use the terms "wit" and "humor" interchangeably. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

You will find a further discussion of wit vs. humor, and how it is central to any legitimate understanding of comedy in Jim's home study materials.

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