Stavert Photo
   Gisèle Stavert
        “The Sixth District deserves someone in Congress who isn’t indebted to any special interest group.”

Gisèle Stavert

        Dear Friends,

Struggling schools. Endless gridlock on 101. With the high amount of taxes we pay, it shouldn't be this way. These problems won't solve themselves. They require activist leadership and that's exactly why I am running for Congress.

As a teacher, I have seen the critical role our schools play in preparing our young people for the future. We all know how the time we lose sitting in traffic impacts our families. And as a taxpayer, I get frustrated giving more to the government only to get less in return.

What makes me different? My experience. It doesn't come from a career in politics. It comes from years of consensus building, of uniting people to bring about results on real life problems.

Our area is home to the most activist-minded people in the country. We deserve representation in Congress that is responsive and effective. Join me to help make it happen.





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