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Year-round 2017 Workshop schedule for Local Comedy Classes:
Rohnert Park, CA
(next town south of Santa Rosa,
45 min. drive north of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge toll booths)

Instructor: comedy coach & co-writer Jim Richardson

For a quick 30 second preview,
listen to Steve Jaxon reading our commercial
aired Feb. 12-16, 2016 on KSRO's 3-6 pm M-F show "The Drive."
(Note: back then, the Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy Workshop met on Tuesday nights.
Beginning in 2017, it will now meet on Thursday nights, same time and location.)
After listening to Jackson's short spot,
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Jim & his students interviewed July 19, 2016.

Jim interviewed in "Towns" section of Press Democrat,
Sonoma County's daily newspaper,
Sunday, March 19, 2017:
Jim shrugs that simply offering some workshops.
Jim Richardson
Offers a fundamentals and an intermediate comedy workshop weekly
Year-round 2017 workshops
Mondays starting on June 5 and
Thursdays on May 25, 7-10 pm
Room 7 (near back parking lot exit)
Cross and Crown Lutheran School
5475 Snyder Lane
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Personal enrichment workshops for writers, keynote speakers, actors and stand-up comics at any level in their development:

This sequence of classes will help you better connect with audiences, both from the stage and through the film/video camera.

Ages: Teens (18+) & Adults.

Workshop 1) "Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy Workshop,"
often ends with an amateur Comedy Marathon Contest: best act wins $150.
Next Comedy Marathon Contest (CMC) is To Be Announced for Summer 2017.

Sections of "Fundamentals" on Thursdays are repeated every six weeks;
so, you can join any Thursday,
then make up classes when they are repeated,
7-10 pm,
May 25-June 29, July 6-August 10, etc.

Includes 200-page workbook.

In-class open mics with instructor feedback, exercises writing & performing jokes, improvisation with the audience, how to deal with hecklers, etc.
More information.

Your investment for local Sonoma County classes: $300 per workshop.
The six meetings covers Lessons 1-4 and prep for CMC's.
Those finishing Lesson Two: How to Write a Joke, the 7 basic joke forms, are eligible to join most of the Intermediate and Advanced six-week courses covering four-five lessons from Lessons 5-34. Three lessons from each course may have mini-contests in upcoming CMCs. This, so students can practice in front of live audiences what they have learned in class.

Pre-enroll in workshops, and you can get your advanced copy of Jim's written material snail-mailed.

Local 6-week workshops save students 50% in their investment
over Jim's online and 3-4 day distant-city intensive versions of his workshops.
Such a deal!


WIth permission of the instructor, those missing lessons or joining late can make up missed classes when offered again.

No pre-requisites.

Registration form.

Workshop 2) "Intermediate and Advanced Stand-Up Comedy Workshop," Mondays in Rohnert Park, 7-10 pm, different lessons taught every 6 weeks.

Pre-requisite: usually completion of Lesson 2: "How to Write a Joke".

Current cycle dates for Intermediate "Improvisation, Working the crowd, Taking advantage of Hecklers, Informal Roasts and Formal Roasts, Lesson block 9-12": Lessons 9-12, Tuesdays, May 2-9 and Mondays, June 5 and 12, plus two more lessons To Be Mutually Arranged at convenient dates for those who have completed their registration and made their $300 investment.

Topics covered:
Meetings 1-2, Tuesdays, May 2-9: reviewed April 30"Comedy Marathon Contest" video from The Big Easy and off-campus open mics with notes, review 2-page "Order of Events," training everyone on Camera Crew drills: replace one hour video cassettes, zoom in/out, framing, video recording light, etc.
Handing out Lesson 9-12 workbooks bound together into one volume.

Meetings 3, Lesson 9, Monday., June 5: Improvisation: Thinking on Your Feet, 3 hours
•How to escape mental lock-jaw, and have something funny or sincere to say no matter what the audience shouts at you:
•4 tips to make sure you never enter a battle of wits totally unarmed
•7 games to sharpen your spontaneous skills so you can get your come-backs out without skipping a beat. •Exercise in how to avoid distractions so you can get what you want right now!

Meetings 4, Lesson 10, Monday June 12: Working the crowd and wading into the audience, plus: Taking advantage of Hecklers — 6 joke formats, 3 hours
•How to remain in control of the crowd:
•Taking advantage of hecklers.
Note: it is expected that students will have been performing enough before real audiences by now to have been heckled on several occasions.
Yes: even business keynote speakers and seminar leaders of break-out session at corporate conventions get heckled with anything from inane questions to actually helpful suggestions.
FYI: It is much easier to teach someone who has been heckled than it is for you to just imagine what the experience would be like.
. . . No wallflowers at this dance!
Students are encouraged to bring video clips of yourselves being heckled, whether you or the heckler won that encounter.
Technical assistance will be provided which will enable you to get any video file you have from your performances onto your Desktop; this, so you can play it from your computer to the rest of the class.
If you can cue the video clip up to the place in the timecode where you do get heckled, then you will be able to play the video clip to us from that exact point onwards.
•Learn how to recover and continue your act or speech.

Meetings 5, Lesson 11, date and time TBA:
Informal Roasts: 21 joke formats, 3 hours
•Going on the attack
•Defending against attacks

Meetings 6, Lesson 12, TBA:
Formal roast: unspoken rules to keep it moving, 3 hours
•Learn how to toast everyone on the dais, both the star (a.k.a. "guest of honor") being celebrated and your fellow dinner guests (a.k.a. "roasters"). And get away with it. Even the roastees will laugh!
•Properly setting up microphones, tables and lectern on the podium.
•What to ask the host or hostess if you are requested to set up either an informal or formal roast for a birthday party, anniversary, retirement dinner, etc.
Note: this will usually be one of your first paid giggies!
•World-class examples.
•Class performs a 30-minute formal roast in class which is then evaluated for effectiveness.

Off-campus Comedy Marathon Contest, Sunday, TBA, Summer 2017, 7 pm??? at The Big Easy in Petaluma, CA.
Four mini-contests precede the main event, the "5-Minute Monologue Contest."
Class includes unique Lesson 9-12 workbook.

Note: after Meeting 1, future in-class open mics (for Workshop 2 students only) will be handled as off-campus "Student Showcases." Students who remain after these Showcases can get rough notes from the instructor.
. . . Students wanting more in-depth notes can make one-on-one appointments with the instructor at his coaching and co-writing rates. This, so we have the full 3-hours for meetings 3-6 in Workshop 2 to include all the lecture material and in-class exercises required for each lesson between 7-10 pm.

Your investment: $300.
Comedy Marathon Contest often held after the last Fundamentals workshop meeting with $150 prize to winner.
Registration form.
Refer to Calendar for updates on which lessons will be taught on which dates and times.

Room 7
(Room 7 is in the building facing the smaller parking lot in the back, near Southwest Blvd.)
Cross and Crown Lutheran School
5475 Snyder Lane
Rohnert Park, CA 94928.
Directions: Includes maps and photos.
Reach Jim at: 415-877-4424, jim@jimrichardson.com.
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OK: now, to register for Workshops, please enter your information in this Order Form:
Your shipping address:

Your name: Address City State/Province Postal Code
Work phone number: Home phone number: Cellular phone number
E-mail address

I have read the descriptions Jim's workshops.
Plus, I both understand and accept privacy rights as reasons why I may video and/or audio record myself,
but I may not record the instructor's presentation nor video examples nor other attendees.

Further, I also understand that enrollment in Jim's Comedy Classes does not guarantee me a slot in his
Comedy Marathon Contests.
Rather, my course work and classroom deportment are only my audition for Jim's upcoming Comedy Marathon Contests.
Plus, students competing in Comedy Marathon Contests pre-sell 10 tickets to help maximize audience size.

Sign up for Workshops offered in Spring-Summer-Fall-Winter 2017
(pick one or more of these options by clicking in their checkboxes):

Workshop 1: "Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy Workshop," often concludes with an off campus amateur comedy contest. Sections on Thursdays are repeated every six weeks; so, you can join any Thursday, then make up missed classes when repeated, 7-10 pm, May 25-June 29, 2017, July 6-August 10, etc., Room 7, Cross and Crown Lutheran School, 5475 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park, CA 94928, USA, 6-weeks, $300, includes 200-page workbook for Lessons 1-4 snail-mailed immediately after you complete your registration and make your $300 investment.
No pre-requisites.
If you want to enroll in a "Fundamentals" section offered in Rohnert Park later than this next section, you can still use this order form for these 2017 dates:
May 25-June 29, July 6-August 10, 2017, etc. Just indicate which section you wish to take here:

Pre-requisite for Lessons 5-34: have completed at least Lesson Two "How to Write a Joke: the seven basic joke forms,"
in class, one-on-one with Jim or via Jim's audio/workbook option.

Sequence of lessons continues
(lesson blocks can be taken out of sequence):

Workshop 2: current session is "Improvisation, Working the crowd, Taking advantage of Hecklers, Informal Roasts and Formal Roasts, Lesson block 9-12:," Tuesdays, May 2-9, then Mondays, June 5 & 12 with final two meetings TBA, 2017, 7-10 pm, Room 7, Cross and Crown Lutheran School, 5475 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park, CA 94928, USA, 6-weeks, $300, includes all-new workbook for Lessons 9-12.

Don't live in northern California?
Then, take the webcam-to-webcam version online via Internet video conferencing:

And for those folks who want
all Jim's stand-up comedy study materials in advance

so they can supplement his workshop sequence
with their additional home study order:
I am opting to go whole-hog and save 50% over Jim's online and distant-city fees
by committing to the entire Lessons 1-34 course
to be completed over the next 48 weeks
via local workshops.


Whatever purchases toward Jim's entire Lessons 1-34 course
I have already made can be credited toward
purchasing the remainder of Jim's Lessons 1-34.

The two options are with or without the audio cassettes of Jim's lectures and examples, Lessons 1-34:

Option 1 is all workbook pages only:
Enroll now in Lessons 1-34 to get my copy of all 1,050 pages of workbooks and related hand-outs.
with the local, live, in-person Sonoma County workshops included,
but without the audio cassettes,

I get the written material for all 8 Lesson Blocks at $300/Block = $2,400
since new printed material is included with each 6-week local workshop.
If I have taken the two Lesson Blocks 1-4 and 5-8 at $300/Block = $600 credit, then:
$2,400-600 credit = $1,800,
assuming that shipping is not required.

Option 2 is all workbook pages and audio cassettes from Jim's lectures and examples, Lessons 1-34:
I would also like to get my copy of all 22 audio cassettes from Jim's lectures and examples
that go with these same printed materials and local workshops included in Options 1,
making up the balance of Jim's Lessons 1-34
(audio cassettes are not sold separately from workbooks):
$2,400 + $250 for audio cassettes = $2,650 minus my fees paid to date.
If I have taken the two Lesson Blocks 1-4 and 5-8 at $300/Block = $600 credit, then:
$2,650-600 = $2,050,
assuming that shipping is not required.

Your Investment for these Workshops:
I understand it is the policy of the ORGANIZED COMEDY that students must pay their tuition before being admitted to the classes and workshops:
   •There is no auditing of classes/workshops and no refunds for students who stop attending classes/workshops.
However, with the permission of the instructor, students might be able to make up missed classes when his courses are repeated.
     •I am also aware that "drop in fees" of $75/class are not prorated toward the total 6-week discount fee of $300/6 weeks.
   • Further, I understand that both completing my coursework and my deportment in the
"Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy Workshop" are each considered as part of my audition for:
Amateur Comedy Marathon Contests held at local venues: best act wins $150, and that entry in more than one evening of these Comedy Marathon Contests will first require evidence of all-new material for each such evening.

Grand total I am paying for above Workshop(s): $US

Payment method:
Check from a bank with a branch in Santa Rosa, California, USA
United States Postal Service money order
Western Union
PayPal.com: pay via your PayPal.com account directly to Jim's email address: jim@jimrichardson.com
Credit card

Your billing address
(Postal code must match your credit card):
Your name: Address City State/Province Postal Code
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

Number of my card:

Expiration--month: year:
CVC number (the 3-4 extra Card Security Code numbers on the back of your card):

Annimarted credit card gif.

Please take one last look at this order form to make sure that you have placed all the orders you want,
then check here to confirm that your order is correct,
and that we now have a

Thank you for writing up your order.

To submit this form please:

This program is supported by most major web browsers.
Please send me a separate email right after you submit the form as an heads up,
just to make sure that your order has been received successfully.

But, if you haven't received a confirmation e-mail back from me within two days,
then please bug me by e-mail at: jim@jimrichardson.com or
phone me at: 415-877-4424.

You can also print this form:
First, check to make sure that everything you entered into the blanks printed out,
and then:
1) sail-mail the printed form
2) along with your payment to:
Jim Richardson
P.O. Box 4524
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Please email me an heads up that you will be snail-mailing your printed form to my P.O. Box.
To fill out an additional "Theatre History" form at class,
please arrive by 6:45 pm at the first meeting to handle this required paper work
well before the class starts . . . on time at 7:00 pm sharp.

If you can neither submit this form online nor print it out & mail it in,
I will have hard copies of the form in the classroom
which you can fill out with a pen.

Again, please email me an heads up
and arrive 15 minutes before the 7 pm class
to complete your registration and payment, etc.

Note: it is a great help administratively if everyone can pre-enroll
either online, via phone call, or through USPS to the PO Box.

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