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Jim strikes comedic pose.
The Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy
Ask away!
415-877-4424, jim@JimRichardson.com
Cross & Crown Lutheran School
Rohnert Park, CA 94928, USA
Tues., 7-10 pm,
August 28-October 2,
October 9-November 13,
Nov. 20,
2018-Jan. 15, 2019, etc.
Lieberman Theatre panorama long shot so see most of 99 seats. The Lieberman Theatre inside
The Marin Theatre Company
397 Miller Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941 USA
Sat.-Sun., 10 am - 5pm both days, Jan. 27-28.

Additional weekend dates in other counties
throughout the San Francisco Greater Bay Area
to be announced soon.
Mon., 6-9 pm PST,
June 18-July 16, 2018 plus "Alternative sections"
for those who have conflicts
with posted dates
Future plans

Make audiences laugh!
      The Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy Workshop
Sections on Tuesday nights have been repeated every six weeks for almost three years;
so, you can join any Tuesday,
then make up missed classes
when they are repeated,
7-10 pm:
July 17-August 21,

October 9-November 13,
November 20-December 18
(plus two dates TBA), 2018, etc.

Room 7
Cross and Crown Lutheran School
5475 Snyder Lane,
Rohnert Park, CA 94928, USA.
Free parking.
Driving directions.

$400/six weeks or $150/class drop in:
     •Includes a 200-page Workbook covering Lessons One through Four and
     •the Comedy Marathon Contest (CMC) rules for the two core contests, 5-Minute Monologue Contest (main event) and the Improvisation mini-contest.

Registration order form.

Topics covered:
Meeting 1, Lesson 1: How to Tell a Joke on a Stand-Up Comedy Stage, During a Speech and in the Work Place.
Meeting 2, Lesson 2: How to Write a Joke: the seven basic joke forms.
Meeting 3, Lesson 3: Your narrative vs. minor characters: marketing your act.
Meeting 4, Lesson 4: Editing your Comedy or Serious Speech into an Act:
"This is where the money is."--Jim Richardson

Outlines for Lessons 1-4
are on my other web site.
So, to return to this "Local Comedy Classes" web site to register,
just click on your web browser's Back Button:

Meetings 5 and 6: 7-10 pm, prep at same location in Room 7, CCLS, Rohnert Park for
off-campus Comedy Marathon Contest (CMC), to be held on a Sunday after July 10, 7-10 pm.

Prep for the upcoming Comedy Marathon Contest (CMC):
Reviewing the core "5-Minute Monologue Contest's" 10 rules and
"5-minute Improvisation Mini-Contest's" 7 rules.
Then, we watch winners of past contests
as students trace how past contestants won
by fulfilling each of these 17 categories.
Tips from past judges to help you be more successful, etc.

Students in good standing can compete in this amateur Comedy Marathon Contest (CMC) in a public performance—
     •First prize: $150
Advanced reservations for tickets highly recommended.
Contestants, crew and judges admitted free, check-in an hour before show time.
Driving directions to The Big Easy in Petaluma which hosts our nine CMCs with a $150 prize, three Run-Offs with prize of $300 and one Comic of the Year Contest with a prize of $1,000.


Don't live in northern California?
Live in California but too far from Rohnert Park to drive round-trip on a week day night?
Just want to take Lessons 1-4?
Want to make up a missed Lesson 1-4?
No problem. Two options:

1) Lessons 1-4 will now also be offered on selected weekends at major venues throughout California.

After 28 years, weekend workshop last held on Sat.-Sun., Jan. 27-27,
when Jim brought his comedy workshops back to
The Lieberman Theatre inside The Marin Theatre Company (TMC)
which seats 99 in a "raked house."
This is the same idea as "loge seats" in movie theatres
where each row is elevated so you can see over the heads of the people seated in front of you.
Hence the brag, "no bad seats in the house!"
Lieberman has a stage 35 feet wide and 15 feet deep.

Back in the day, Jim offered these same Lessons 1-4 at TMC.
Taylor Mason studied them with Jim at TMC.
Go here, and then scroll down to read all of Taylor's credits
and his updated endorsements of Jim.
These include
tips on how to work with Jim to get the most out of this workshop:
“Jim Richardson's comedy class helped me prepare and execute a comedy routine 
in the comedy division of Ed McMahon's 'Star Search' TV Show
that won the $100,000 grand prize."
--Taylor Mason

Beginning with Sat.-Sun., Jan. 27-28, 10 am to 5 pm both days
Jim taught Lessons 1-4
at the Lieberman Theatre inside The Marin Theatre Company in Mill Valley, CA 94941.
TMC is "the leading professional theater in the North Bay."
Same Lessons 1-4, same $400, same workbook,
plus you can still take meetings 5-6 whenever offered again in Rohnert Park. Check calendar for dates.

Free parking is plentiful before 10 am on week mornings! 

10 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge toll both:
Sat., Jan. 27, 10 am-5 pm, Lessons 1-2, How to Tell & Write Jokes
Sun., Jan. 28, 10 am-5 pm: Lessons 3-4, Character & Editing
More info., register online to get workbook in advance:
Registration to save $200 off the $600 version of my distant learning my workshops = only $400:
Driving directions.

2) And/or, take the webcam-to-webcam version online via Internet video conferencing.
$600 investment for this version of my workshops
and workshops over an hour's drive from Mill Valley, CA:

Tip: enroll early to get your copy of the Fundamentals workbook and CMC rules snail-mailed to you same day.
     •Get a real leg up on your competition.

Why not?
It's legal!


No prerequisites for Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy Workshop.

Prerequisite for Intermediate and Advanced Stand-Up Comedy Workshops:
take, or at least enroll in, Lesson Two: How to Write a Joke, the seven basic joke forms.
Exception: no pre-requisites for Lesson Blocks 1-4, 21-29 nor 30-34.

Future plans
Fuller descriptions of Lessons 1-35:
Using the six-week format, Jim's current Advanced students have needed 48 weeks to work their way through all these Lessons.
However, with his return to the weekend program, the same material can be studied in only two months of eight workshops covering 4-5 Lessons/weekend.
Miss a weekend?
No problem since workshops do not need to be taken in numerical sequence.
Make it up when missed lessons are repeated.

Folks living outside the San Francisco Bay Area can fly in.

Come a day early and/or stay a day late
for your one-on-one coaching and co-writing consultations with Jim.

Such a deal!


Registration order form.

Ask away!
415-877-4424, jim@JimRichardson.com

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Local Comedy Classes | Directions | About Jim | Registration Order Form
Workshop: "The Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy"
Intermediate & Advanced Stand-Up Comedy Workshops
Filmmaking Workshop
Interviews | Showcases-Open Mics-Contests
Calendar for Workshops and off-campus performances

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