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Filmmaking Workshop

Ask away!
415-877-4424, jim@JimRichardson.com
Want to learn how to make funny movies?
     Workshops 3: Filmmaking: working both sides of the video camera
Wednesday nights, 7-10 pm, June 6-July 18, 2018
Room 7
Cross and Crown Lutheran School

5475 Snyder Lane,
Rohnert Park, CA 94928, USA.

$400/6 meetings or $150/class drop in.
     •Includes hand-outs

For experienced actors, speakers, comics, writers and filmmakers (directors, cinematographers, editors, etc.). 

For non-performers, your personal and professional communication skills can vastly improve.

Ages: 18+

Tip: enroll early to get your copy of the hand-outs (see "list" under "Gear" below) snail-mailed to you same day.

No prerequisites.

Overview of this filmmaking workshop:
Students will create a very short film, 30 seconds to one minute long, by the end of this six-meeting workshop.
Instructor will script and direct you in at least one project
and students can also head their own additional projects.
Everyone will be in at least one such project.

All filmmaking assignments can be completed by students with their own consumer video and audio recording cameras
which can be stand-alone cameras
or ones that come with your smart phones.
Students can edit their projects on a variety of free or fee software.

Instructor will use a prosumer camcorder
and professional non-linear (NLE) editing equipment to complete his projects.

Students will receive a list of recommended books and DVDs,

plus links
to valuable online free or fee tutorials
on directing, writing, acting, cameras, editing, lighting, etc.
This, so students can just "get their feet wet"
and/or tackle more advanced writing and performing techniques.

Students will be video recorded, and watch rushes to get instructor notes.

Meeting 1: first step, find a location outside the classroom to shoot your video.
How you tell your story will uniquely be determined by both the limitations and advantages of this space.
Tip: save set-up time by limiting yourself to one location for the main action.

Lighting and ambient sound considerations: instructor will guide you away from many beginner mistakes.

For short films, use the same basic A-B-A structure of full-length feature films;
but get through just one story arc much faster.
After watching your favorite film on DVD, study chapter links
to determine how filmmakers get to such
reversals-of-the situation rapidly.
(Get free DVDs of your favorite films from the public library that have helpful how-to features.)

The oldest story structure in the world--
A: Boy gets girl, B: Boy loses girl, A: boy gets girl.
Just change Boy and Girl to something else--
A: Woman gets job, B: Woman loses job, A: Woman gets job.
A: Dog finds stick, B: Dog loses stick, A: Dog finds stick, etc.

Feel free to use alternate story structures.

Instructor will define the three types of movement in film:
actors, camera and editing.

We will explore the proscenium arch that separates the stage from the auditorium vs. the camera as “an eye in space.”
Focus: how this difference affects the actor’s basic movements inside the frame of the shot,
and demands an acting style subtle enough to “fool the camera,” etc.

As 50% of a film is the oft neglected soundtrack,
Instructor will show example clips to expand student awareness of what is possible.
Meeting two: students submit scripts and photos of their location.

Plus, this before/after assignment is due:
For script formatting, instructor will have provide links to online scripts from major motion pictures.
Students are to pick a short scene from a major film,
then update the script to include the actual dialogue, shots and movements that ended up in the final film.
This before/after exercise can be a real eye-opener.

Before meeting ends, schedule negotiated for Meetings 3-6.

Meetings 3-5: on location shooting your scripts.
Times, locations, crew and cast will have been negotiated by project leaders at Meeting Two.

Meeting six: presenting edited videos in class for Instructor's notes.

Future filmmaking workshops:
Depending on quality, these workshop films might be shown as part of future Comedy Marathon Contests.
Best films might be sent to various short subject film festivals around the world.

Ultimate goal for this workshop:
Within 5 years, to enter and win an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film:

Personal goals:
The big league for speakers, actors and stand-up comics is
success in films and TV.

You can also become more effective in intimate settings with smaller audiences:

Think high-paying corporate giggies!

And TV commercials!!!


Registration order form.

About Jim and film:

In college, Jim Richardson's minor was Radio-TV-Film at San Francisco State University.
He was a founding member of the campus Film Guild and co-chaired the first script-screening committee.

At Carnegie-Mellon University, Jim directed experimental shows at Pittsburgh, PA's WQED-TV studios,
featuring among other fellow C-MU students, the future movie and TV star Ted Danson.

Jim has written 250 film, tv and comedy reviews for local newspapers, including the San Francisco Sunday Datebook entertainment section.

Jim was a member of video user groups in both Sonoma County and down in Silicon Valley.
He presented lectures at these groups and also lead an early Final Cut Pro NLE special interest group for video editors.

Jim's short films have been shown at both Mac World in San Francisco and at the Mill Valley Film Festival.


Ask away!
415-877-4424, jim@JimRichardson.com

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Workshop: "The Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy"
Intermediate & Advanced Stand-Up Comedy Workshops
Filmmaking Workshop
Interviews | Showcases-Open Mics-Contests
Calendar for Workshops and off-campus performances

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