February 1, 2008

Letter of Recommendation for Jim Richardson's
House/Pet-Sitting Services

Peter, near San Rafael, CA
Contact information: upon request

Whom It May Concern,

Jim Richardson worked for us October 2007 through January 2008.

I initially hired Jim because he has a quarter century experience with country living. I could clearly sense from the photos on his web page:
Here's a guy who really likes dogs.

In addition to looking after our dogs, Jim was responsible for maintaining our two Koi fish ponds: cleaning out winter leaves from both pond and filter systems, turning filter pumps on-and-off, bleeding air out of filter tanks to maintain the amount of filtering, etc.

Jim quickly mastered how to manage our self-sufficient residence: water towers and pumps, orchard, irrigation, hot tub, gym, appliance functions, Internet connections, etc. He also served as liaison to ensure meeting the various needs of our staff: gardener, swimming pool maintenance, furnace repair, maid, foreign package deliveries, and so on.

He also managed repairs and that needed to be addressed in a timely manner. Jim held workers accountable: he saved us money at least twice, once from buying an unnecessary new alarm panel. Additional situations that would have taken our time upon returning home were completely resolved before our plane even landed.

Most importantly, when one of my eleven year-old dogs went missing during a rain storm, that had set off flood alarms in some corners of Marin County, Jim searched for an hour on foot. He showed initiative by contacting neighbors via our home owners association. Finally, Jim found our much loved but bewildered old pooch.

We found his professional fees well worth it. We have full confidence leaving Jim in charge of our house and our pets.

Peter, near San Rafael, CA
Contact information: upon request.