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October 15, 2006

Letter of Recommendation for Jim Richardson's
House/Pet-Sitting Services


Whom It May Concern,

Jim Richardson has been living in my home since mid-February 2006, helping with my 3 big dogs, for 8 months
(which will be 8.5 or 9 months by November, depending on when his next job starts).

Jim has been a wonderful caretaker and dog sitter.

Jim is ALWAYS home.
So, he is available anytime I spontaneously change plans, go out, take a trip, etc.

The dogs LOVE him.
Even when I am home, they frequently spend their time napping and hanging out in his office.

I am a very private person, and Jim is great at keeping to himself.
Even though he is living in the home, he is very respectful of my space and privacy,
and I rarely see him,
except during dog feeding and playing.

When I was looking for a live-in pet sitter back in February 2006, I told my friends jokingly that I wanted to find "a hermit/animal lover with no social life, who will always be home and be great with the dogs, and leave me alone."
Jim fit the bill perfectly!

Here is a list of his services and how pleased I am with his performance:
--Jim was always available.
--We let him have run of house whenever we were gone and always came back to it cleaner than we left it.
--Jim kept dogs happy and loved.
--Jim gave my dogs their complicated meds precisely as instructed.
--Jim was always easy to get along with, charming, and he has a good sense of humor!
--When we were home, he was so quiet that we did not even know he was around.
--I recommend Jim Richardson without any reservations whatsoever!!!

Please feel free to email and/or phone me with any questions or concerns.

Most importantly, whenever I come home the dogs are happy and cared for,
and the house looks fabulous.

And he even took nice photos of the house and my dogs and put it all into . . . Jim's slide show is great!

We'll miss him!


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