Jim Richardson's house-sitting and pet-sitting services:
Home body, teacher/trainer; cat and dog lover, green thumb
I currently live near Mill Valley, CA,
10 minutes north of San Francisco & the Golden Gate Bridge toll booths.
Last updated: February 21, 2018.
I am now available:

Reference from a steady client, many 6 day to 2 weeks jobs, since June 2004.
Peter—two 11 year-old German Wirehair Pointers, energetic, near San Rafael, CA.
Contact information: upon request.

Please click this link to see:
Peter's letter of recommendation
Many of my house/pet-sitting jobs are in upscale Marin County homes. To see a slide show of me interacting with Peter's 2 dogs,
please click here:
Jim with Whiskey and Aiko, the German Wirehair Pointers who like to horse around when not patrolling their ten acres, December, 2008. Care for a dip in the pool? Or would you rather chop wood, do some landscape gardening, hike or work out?

I lived here 9 months Feb.-Nov. 2006, halfway up Mount Tamalpais on Panoramic Hwy. in Mill Valley, CA.
Live-in situation: to be available 24/7 for last minute dog/house sitting. But my employer moved out of state.
Brandy & Adam--their three older dogs: 2 malamutes and a kuvasz.
High Tech VP
Cellular phone: 415-994-1596
Please click link to see:
Brandy's letter of recommendation
To see second slide show of me interacting with 3 pets at Brandy and Adam's place on Mount Tam,
please click here:
Jim and Mountain the malamute (1/8 wolf!) on deck, Mount Tamalpais, November 3, 2006. Co-starring with Mountain are his estranged wife Shasta and their mysterious roommate Ginger the kuvasz. Plus, the house and grounds are nothing short of spectacular.
Enjoy this second video!

(Both these short movies I shot in and around client's homes require the Flash player for video playback. Flash comes pre-installed on most Windows and Apple computers, but not on Apple iOS mobile devices.)

Hi, folks, Are you looking for someone who will be around all the time?
Well, that's me as I work on my computer all day and evening, editing video and creating interactive web pages.


What is the parking situation?

Jim in front of his computer
Part of Jim's 2006 computer workstation vs. now I just need my laptop!
Additional house/pet-sitting references:

Tom--2 cats, 18 months old, vigorous, Napa.
Cellular phone: 707-480-1760
Sharon--2 one year-old cats, vigorous, near Auburn, CA
Retired real estate attorney

Two fast-moving Napa River rescue cats!
Plus, my Resume--please click this link, then scroll down to bottom of my "Resume 2018" web page for my business references and their contact information:
Here is the rest of my ad:
Computer and comedy/drama/speech teacher seeks self-sufficient unit with access to parking.

Location: anywhere within the Sacramento-Marin/Sonoma County-San Francisco-San Jose quadrangle.

Non-smoking, single, straight, mature man.

I have set up my computer work station in spaces as small as 12 x 5 feet, plus additional living space, but would prefer more room than that.
Your kitchen table might work out just fine!

Must be in quiet, secure neighborhood.
I usually have several projects that require my part-time attention.

Examples from 30 short video clips which I have already finished. (Requires the Flash Player to play these two videos):
1) http://www.jimrichardson.com/ria/v/sm_loadMovie_content.html

2) My other teaching and creative projects:

Videos that do not require the Flash player and therefore, do work on iOS and most Android mobile devices (Apple & Windows smart phones, tablets, etc).:

To house-sit = room & board:
1) use of domicile 24/7
2) $50/day
3) Plus, possible additional charges for unique services, if any.

your advance payment reserves my time during busy vacation periods throughout the year.
Board = leave me some food, or food bill is added.
An hour/day worth of chores are included in my daily fee for dog walking, etc. More than that, figure another $20/hour.

these terms are negotiable for jobs of a month or longer.

But remember:
my fees are still far less than boarding your animals and I will be around to protect your property. Plus, I provide you a long-distance presence for monitoring both maintenance staff issues and the various household emergencies that do come up.

Such a deal!


Warmest regards,

Jim Richardson
Cellular phone, text and voice mail messages 24/7 at:

Jim Richardson's House & Pet-Sitting Services
P. O. Box 992
Mill Valley, CA 94942-0992 USA

Actually, I just moved down from Sonoma County in mid-May 2017, to once again live in Marin County
near Mill Valley, CA,
just 10 minutes north of San Francisco.

Email: jim@jimrichardson.com
Web site: http://www.jimrichardson.com/

Jim's garden 2004

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Jim Richardson
House/Pet-Sitting Services
P.O. Box 992
Mill Valley, CA 94942-0992 USA
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