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Jim Richardson's latest radio interview:
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Listen to Jim's radio interviews

1) Summary of what Jim Richardson can do for you:

Professional training,
Student and client endorsements:

Organized Comedy's Workshop Calendar 2016:

Jim's local weekly Workshops are held this year in Rohnert Park, CA,
One hour north of San Francisco.
Save 50% over Jim's non-local and online version of his workshops:
No travel expenses, perform at local venues.

Two different 6-week Workshops, Winter 2016:

Workshop 1 begins Tuesday, Jan. 5, 7-10 pm: Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy Workshop
Can join any Tuesday as same lessons repeated every six weeks in a loop:
Easy to make up missed lessons when they are repeated.

Workshop 2 begins Thursday, Jan. 7, 7-10 pm: Intermediate/Advanced Stand-Up Comedy Workshop.
Different 6 lessons every 6 weeks, repeated every 48 weeks in a loop.
Can make up missed lessons when they are repeated.
Not want to wait until lesson are repeated? Then, check out our Home Study Program.

Jim teaches both workshops at:
Room 7
Cross and Crown Lutheran School
5475 Snyder Lane
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

More information where you can register online
and get your copy of Jim's 200-page workbook snail-mailed to you immediately:

Each workshop ends with an Evening of Comedy Marathon Contests:

More information about Jim's local Comedy Classes,
Plus maps & directions from within Sonoma County, CA,
and from outside Sonoma County:
from San Francisco, Sacramento and the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, etc.)

Front window on Main Street:
Both our January & February 2015 COMEDY CLASSES posters!

February 12, 2015, Jim gives a background interview to the
"Sonoma West Times and News."
Read it to find out how this all came about, and why!

May 24, 2015, article on Comedy Marathon Contests appears in main Sonoma County newspaper,
Press Democrat, Santa Rosa's daily paper:

Jim's arms expanded sans dates.
Also available in 2016:

Take the online, webcam-to-webcam or in-person versions of Jim's ORGANIZED COMEDY Workshops:
Most often, these Workshops are offered for folks outside the local San Francisco Bay Area.
By appointment with Jim at customized dates & times: 34 Lessons.

Plus: Jim offers One-on-One Coaching & Co-Writing
Your stand-up comedy act or business keynote speech, both locally & long distance.

Details and registration at:
Stand-Up Comedy Workshop.com

2) Jim's "Tip-of-the-Day" video jukebox,
Home Study Program,
One-on-one Comedy Coaching and Co-writing
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FREE tips and tutorials

3) Latest issue of Jim's multimedia newsletter "Coach Says" updated 3-17-2014:
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3-17-14 screen shot "Coach Says," contest blue-boxed.
"Coach Says" with video: the truth behind the myths!

4) Jim's business presentations:
Keynote speeches and break-out sessions
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Examples from Jim's keynote speeches and business seminars

5) And just for fun—Jim Richardson's October 10, 2010 entry in:

Cinema Sports 10-hour deadline event at
142 Throckmorton Theatre for
Mill Valley Film Festival,
California, USA
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screen shot of danubeDan movie title
"Danube Dan"

(2 minutes, 10 seconds)

Jim Richardson
Comedy Coach & Co-Writer

Snail mail:
Jim Richardson, owner
P.O. Box 4524
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

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