Rough Crowd

Photo montage of various animals:  seagull flying by, California raisin gesturing wildly, Great Dane jumping up on his small master -- an eleven year old boy -- and almost knocking him down, cow looking through barbed wire, horses eating out of a trough, Jim's cats staring cross-eyes into the camera

These animals have been drinking!

Yahoo in Audience

Sometimes an audience member shouts out a comment or insult that has nothing to do with your act or speech.

  • You can ignore the Yahoo's interruption if:
    • Most people did not hear his remark. Remember: it doesn't matter what you see or hear from the stage/podium. The only thing that counts is the
      audience's perception.
      • If a Yahoo in the front row is whispering nasty comments just loud enough for you hear, the house does not know this is happening. Squelch him, and you lose the sympathy of the crowd instantly.
      • If a Yahoo is making faces at you from almost anywhere in the house, few if anyone in the audience will be aware.
    • Even if everyone hears/sees the Yahoo's interruption, they may not care that he interrupted.
      • How can you tell? He will get no response from the audience.
      • In this situation, give him the same thing: no response!

      If the audience both hears/sees the Yahoo's interruption, and respond to his remark, then you have two choices:

      1. Ignore said interruption only if you can get away with it, and still keep the audience on your side.
      2. Squelch him if you can read how the audience regards him--usually somewhere between
        • loving him for saying just what they had on their mind
        • hating his guts

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