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I would also like some coaching and co-writing. I am sending Jim 5 minutes to one hour of video tape(s) from my presentations. I would like Jim to bill me today:
$1,800.00 for Jim's 9 hour introductory package, to be pre-paid
Discount packages for pre-paid blocks of hours
(assumes Jim's hours working on both writing and coaching will be completed within 12 months)--
10% off for 50 hours: $9K
20% off for 100 hours: $16K
33% off for 150 hours: $20K (includes Jim's home study materials)

I would prefer another package of coaching hours, and will e-mail specifics to Jim today

I need some editing, and will send Jim my double-spaced pages at $50/page for Jim to edit and send back to me. Expect pages via:
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You can also print this form, check to make sure that all blanks printed out, and then mail it to Jim at:

Jim Richardson
413 Furlong Road
Sebastopol CA 95472

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