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PVNB FCP SIG listserv


Please read the list guidelines (see below) before engaging in discussion.

In addition, familiarize yourself with how the list operates, especially if
you've never participated in an Internet email discussion group before.

It's a good idea to bookmark this Help web page somewhere so you know how to

When dealing with a listserver, there are two types of messages, namely,
COMMANDS and POSTS. Unlike traditional listservers which require the
use of numerous email addresses, we have simplified the process by
allowing for both COMMANDS and POSTS to be sent to the same address.

These e-mail messages are intended to cause some action to occur, such as
subscribing the FROM address to a mailing list. Commands are usually one or
two word phrases which should be entered in the SUBJECT field of the message.
Any other fields are ignored... it doesn't matter what you put in them. On
this list, subscribe commands are sent to a moderator for approval.

     The following commands are accepted:

forwards your request to a moderator for approval
you will then receive all posts as they are received
you are then allowed to post from that address

removes your e-mail address from the list of subscribers
you will no longer receive any posts
you are no longer allowed to post

subscribe digest
switches you to digest mode
you will then receive one message per day around 9 pm PST which lists all posts

to switch back, send a "subscribe" command

returns a list of digests along with instructions for retrieving them via e-mail
if there were no posts that day, then no digest is sent out that night

this message will be returned with essentially the same information about listserv commands which you are now reading on this web page

Email messages which don't match any commands are distributed to everyone on the list.
Every time you post a message, all the other people signed up on the list receive a copy, just as if you sent it to them personally.
As a member of the list, you will receive a copy of every message anyone else sends.

On this list, only members of the list can post to it.

When replying to a message you received from the member list, please reply to the member list at:,
and not just the individual.
This is a great opportunity for all members to learn from one another.
Please do not email the person individually unless they specifically ask you to do so.

If you do reply to a message, make sure to delete the original sender's email address, otherwise they get the message twice, once from the email and another from the PVNB FCP SIG listserv.

Double check to make sure you are not posting a message that is actually a hoax email.
Some web sites to check on a story which you suspect is a hoax:

Please be patient when asking to be removed from the list or to have your email address changed.
A volunteer updates the list database; they do it as soon as they can.

Please use two or more words in the subject.
... Single word subjects in Posts to PVNB FCP SIG listserv will not be processed.

Be polite.
Treat others on the list the way you wish to be treated, with courtesy and respect.

Be patient.
Not everyone has as much time as you to answer and/or respond to email.

Be understanding.
Not everybody knows as much as you do and may need some explanations for your points or questions.
If a reply sounds over your head or unclear, don't hesitate to kindly ask for an explanation.
It's how we ALL learn.
Most of the time you're not the only one who is wondering anyway.

Be forgiving.
Others may be just getting the hang of hardware and/or software and may make mistakes.

To correspond directly with a person, please write to:

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