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Computer & Camera Coach:
Jim in front of an old computer.
Jim Richardson offers:
One-on-one help for folks with technology phobias
The future is here . . . now.
Why not participate?
. . . Hey, it's fun!
You may have a technology phobia if:

•You only use your computer to
write letters and send email.

•You have not really tried to learn computers because
you have bought into the myth
that teenagers know more than adults.

•You don't know what the difference is between
"intuitive" and "counter-intuitive" interactive design.

•You have a Facebook page but
never use it because the instructions "make no sense."

•You bought a digital camera on sale for $200,
then let it gather dust on your shelf
because you couldn't figure out how to turn it on or off.
Let alone, how to take photos or shoot video,
then save that media file to your computer and
email a compressed version of your masterpieces to friends and family.

•Your SKYPE connection no longer works as expected, and
you need help trouble-shooting
so you can stay in touch with distant relatives.

•You downloaded a multimedia PDF file to your Desktop,
but now you find that all the photos don't show up nor
can you play the audio/video clips nor
figure out the navigation system.
Would you like an instant fix?
This, I can do today . . . over the phone!

•You are frustrated with techie Support people
who seem to be speaking an incomprehensible language.
You need to know the "magic words" to
get that unhelpful "Support" person
to connect you with someone who
actually knows what they are talking about.
He/she can then explain in language you can understand
the step-by-step process you need
to quickly resolve very simple issues.

Common very simple issue:
Learning the few, basic steps you need to know
so you can re-boot your modem/router
to regain your lost Internet connection
in about 4 minutes.

Not to worry:
This "inside" vocabulary is hardly very long, and easy to learn.
Or you can just read such techie-talk aloud
to that difficult Support person
off your 3" x 5" cue card!

•You have no time to take a 8-16 week class in basic computers.

•Add your other computer phobias here: ___________________.
Need more room to complete your personal list of computer phobias?
I know you do:
Please phone or send me an email today!

Solution that can end the madness:
What you need is a series of one-on-one sessions
with the Computer Coach (me) to:
•rapidly hand-hold you through the basics.
•so a new world will open.

Enough with any further delay in your learning computers:
•I can start helping you today!

Stop being afraid of that little dumb box
•on your desk called a "computer" or
the more fashionable phone, digital assistant, tablet, etc.,
•in your pocket/purse/briefcase called a "mobile device."

You are not alone.
But now is your time to come out of the technologically phobic closet.


As a Computer and Camera Coach,
I specialize in helping folks at any age and
from any educational background to find their way:
•through the technical maze
•without that personal anxiety.

My one-on-One coaching guides you to
•work smarter
•to get you there faster.

Call or email me today for an appointment,
and let's get started!

Your investment for a brighter future:
Computer Coach offers private sessions: $50/hour.
Upshot: your advance payment reserves my time.

•No charge for my travel if you are within a 20 minute drive
of northern Novato, California, USA.

Not even in California nor the USA?
No problem:
I also work long-distance, both nationally and internationally
•via phone, email and video conferencing.

Video conferencing is a relatively simple thing to set up,
and can even save you bucks on my local travel expenses.
•Plus, it humanizes the learning experience:
As one of my clients exclaimed in astonishment,
"Jim, it's like you are here, right in my living room!"

Jim Richardson
Web site:

Snail mail:
Jim Richardson
PO Box 992
Mill Valley, California 94942-0992

To order my Computer & Camera Coaching services,
please fill out and submit this form:
Please select your age:
Under 12 13-17 18-21 22-33 34-45 44-60 61-God Bless You!

What would you like to learn about your computer and camera?

When would you like to have our first appointment: date, day of week, start time PST, end time PST?
Your home or office address where we will meet:
To make an appointment, please enter--
Your name:
City State/Province Postal Code
Work phone number: Work FAX number:
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Grand total I am paying in advance for above appointment(s): $US
Payment method:
Check from a bank with a branch in Novato, California, USA
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Your billing address
(Postal code must match your credit card):
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Animation flashing between the 4 credit cards accepted by ORGANIZED COMEDY: AmericanExpress, Discovery, Visa and Mastercard
Please take one last look at this order form to make sure that you have placed the order you want,
then check here to confirm that order is correct:

Thank you for writing up your order.

To submit this form please:

This program is supported by most major browsers.
But, if you haven't received a confirmation e-mail back from me within two days,
then please bug me by e-mail at: or
phone me at: 415-877-4424.

To clear form:

You can also print this form, check to make sure that all blanks printed out, and then mail it to me at:

Jim Richardson
P. O. Box 992
Mill Valley, CA 94942-0992

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