How to save these two Vol. 1 PDF files to your Desktop,
Then, open in Adobe Reader (recommended)

Instructions for techie workarounds:
My Coach Says newsletter is designed to be viewed via the stand-alone Adobe Reader application in FULL SCREEN MODE.
To access all features, please avoid opening this PDF inside your web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.):
·All browsers prevent Full Screen Mode.
·And when you click a link in my PDF document to view a web page,
then you click the Back Button to return to my newsletter, the browser will have to reload the PDF which can take 1-3 minutes. Ugly!
But when you open my PDF document in Adobe Reader and click a web page link, your browser finds the web page while the PDF stays open in Reader: you can click back-and-forth between your browser and Reader without having to reload the PDF.

Solution: resist habitually just clicking an issue's thumbnail image or link at the bottom of this web page. Instead, do this:
PC: right click the link.
Mac: hold down your Control key while you click the link.

Then, from the drop down menu:
PC: select Save target as...
Mac: select Save Link As... (except in Safari where you must select Download Linked File As ...)

This will bring up the Save As: dialog box.
PC: for Save in: browse to your Desktop and click Save.
Mac: browse to your Desktop and click Save.
Once the file is downloaded, you will have a new icon on your Desktop which looks like this: Icon of Adobe Reader stand-along application.

Finally, find and double-click that CoachSays1i.pdf or CoachSays1ii.pdf icon.
This action should open the newsletter in the stand-alone Adobe Reader application.
(Mac users: drag the CoachSays1i.pdf or CoachSays1ii.pdf file icon onto the Adobe Reader icon on your dock to avoid opening the file in Apple's Preview application.)

Requires: Adobe Reader 6 or later which you can download free in either PC or Mac version at:

All set? Cool. For the first two issues of Coach Says,
here are links you want to right click:
Photo of Coach Says, Vol. 1, issue i

7.5 MB
Coach Says, Vol. 1, issue i
Last updated: 2-18-09, 2:40 pm PST
Photo of Coach Says, Vol. 1, issue ii

26.9 MB
Coach Says, Vol. 1, issue ii
Last updated: 8-12-09, 8 pm PST
11-6-09, Last Updated: 3-5-14, 12:01 pm, PST:
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