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Requires: Adobe Reader 6 or later which you can download for free in either a Mac or PC version.
Go here, then scroll down to "Downloads" on the right-hand side of the screen, which looks like this:


Instructions: Coach Says is a multimedia newsletter contained in a .pdf file designed for off-line viewing in full screen mode with the stand-alone Adobe Reader application.

If you already have version 6 or later installed, as it comes pre-installed on most computers,
just go ahead and save Coach Says, Vol. 1, issues i and ii to your computer's Desktop.
By just scrolling to the bottom of this page, and click an issue's thumbnail image.

That should bring up a dialog box
which presents you with either these 2 options (see images below) or just a "Save As" option:

Image of
"Open with" or "Save file" dialog box on Mac
Image of Open With dialog box on PC.
"Open" or "Save" dialog box on PC
As the newsletters:
1) take only about 1/2-3 minutes to download on DSL light (1,000kbps download speed) or just 30 seconds on faster connections,
2) and the second issue has links to hours of helpful video clips, Save file>Save to Desktop is a real time-saver.
For later viewing, you will only need to locate the CoachSays1i.pdf or CoachSays1ii.pdf icon on your Desktop, and double-click it to instantly re-open the newsletter in Adobe Reader.
The Adobe Reader icon on your Desktop will look like this:
Icon representing Coach Says, Volumne 1, issue two.

Warning for Mac users only:
If Apple's pre-installed "Preview" application appears in the "Open With" drop down menu as your default application for opening .pdf files, just click on the drop down menu and change the default to Adobe Reader.
Preview will:
A) disable the navigation and
B) not let the embedded audio and video clips play,
defeating the whole idea of this multimedia newsletter.

However, when you click an issue's thumbnail image in Safari on Mac, no "Open with/Save file" dialog box appears.
Instead, the .pdf file immediately begins downloading, then automatically opens in your default application.

So, if the .pdf file automatically open in Preview, just close Preview.
Then, go to your Home>Download folder, locate the Coach Says file,
hold down the Control key as you click on the file's icon to get the popup menu,
and for "Open with" select Adobe Reader.
This action will immediately open the file for you in Adobe Reader.

Warning for both Mac and PC users:
If you accidentally open the newsletter in your browser
(Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.),
that will give you many a headache.
To find out why and what you can easily do about it, please click here for the techie workarounds.

Also, if the audio or video clips in the Vol. 1, issues i and ii .PDF files do not play as expected,
go to this web page for more information: http://www.jimrichardson.com/coachsays/Vol_1issue_ii.html

On that same web page, you will also find updates to Vol. 1, issue ii as some of the links had expired but have been updated on 4-1-14.
If you have already downloaded Vol. 1, issue ii to your computer prior to April 1, 2014, 9:48 am PST,
then you will need to download it again to access the updated hyperlinks and also get some helpful text additions.

All set? Cool. For the first two issues of Coach Says,
here are thumbnail images you want to click:
Photo of Coach Says, Vol. 1, issue i

7.5 MB
Coach Says, Vol. 1, issue i
Created: 2-18-09, 2:40 pm PST; Last updated: 4-1-14, 2:07 pm
Photo of Coach Says, Vol. 1, issue ii

26.9 MB
Coach Says, Vol. 1, issue ii
Created: 8-12-09, 8 pm PST; Last updated: 4-1-14,7:40 pm PST.

Web page created 8-12-09 & Updated: 4-1-14, 7:45 pm, PST.

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