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Jim Richardson's
Coaching and Co-Writing
Your Stand-Up Comedy Act
Business Keynote Speech

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If you've never hired a consultant,
you may wish to begin with my most frequently asked question,
"Why do I need coaching?" (60 K graphics)
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Consulting with the coach--procedures:

Consultation is available in person; through sending me your audio or video tapes, CDs, DVDs, scripts, etc.; we can also communicate via telephone, email, web video conferencing, letter and/or FAX:


I require 48 hours cancellation notice, or bill you for time reserved. Commit to a fixed appointment time-frame that both begins and ends at the agreed upon time.

Sending video or audio or scripts of your act/talk:

On the phone, I can give you notes after I review your materials. Or, bring your materials with you for in-person office appointments.

Appointment fees:

Consulting fee: $200/hour (all fees are to be paid in United States Dollars).
More than one person attending = an additional $100/hour per additional person; i.e., two people would be $300/hour, etc.
For various discount packages, please scroll to the bottom of this web page.

To secure appointment dates, please send me a check or charge to your credit card two weeks in advance, paying at least half the anticipated balance. Balance due by first appointment.
Fees include hours billed for your pre-approved, advanced reviewing of your tapes or scripts, if any, plus hours worked at each appointment.
Tape review fees:
To review audio or video tapes before your appointment:

I hope we will be working together soon.
You will be in good hands!

Coaching Schedules: Overview

First tape critiqued takes me longer as I am getting to know you and your ideas. Therefore, even if your first tape(s) total under one hour running time, I must still charge you the same as if the total were a full hour long: Additional tapes critiqued:

A Program for Every Budget,
A Budget for Everyone's Program

  1. Best Approach: send five minutes to one hour of you on video tape, even if you repeat material between performances or interview shows. I will be critiquing your performance consistency as well as the writing. Include any scripts.
    After receipt of your payment, my normal "First Tape critiqued" coaching schedule:
    • I email or call you to set up a mutually convenient schedule.
    1. Spends three hours reviewing: your video tapes prior to your first phone appointment. Then, you call me at an agreed upon time for your first phone appointment, or take an in-person appointment.
    2. First appointment, three hours: going over techniques needing immediate improvement and reinforcing where you are already effective.
    3. Second appointment, three hours: working on specific sections of your presentation to move you from seat-of-your-pants decisions to rapid improvement via informed choices
    Total initial coaching package: 9 hours x $200/hour = $1,800

  2. Shotgun: I can shoot-from-the-hip, watching your tape and making comments as you listen on the phone.
  3. Script Marking: mail, FAX or e-mail me scripts typed double-spaced.
  4. Discounts for blocks of coaching/writing hours: paid for in advance (assumes my hours working on both writing and coaching will be completed within 12 months):

If you have any questions about my fees, please email me at jim@JimRichardson.com or call me at: 415-877-4424
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