Jim Richardson's
Coaching and Co-Writing
Your Stand-Up Comedy Act
Business Keynote Speech

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If you've never hired a consultant,
you may wish to begin with Jim's most frequently asked question,
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Consulting with the coach--procedures:
    Jim is available at all stages of your stand-up comedy or serious keynote speech development:
    • to help you address specific needs of your individual act/talk.
    • To move at an accelerated pace, begin:
      • send Jim what you now have of your act/speech(es) on tape and/or in script form.
      • order Jim's home study materials
        Jim's materials will give you a national and and international perspective for setting your career goals in a step-by-step achievable process.
      • make an appointment.

Consultation is available in person; through sending Jim your audio or video tapes, scripts, etc.; we can also communicate via telephone, Internet telephony, letter, modem and/or FAX

  • Speech and joke writing
  • Researching public domain jokes that fit your speech topic
  • How to develop new material without making radical changes in your current comedy act or business speech(es)
  • Editing your core comedy act or speech(es)
  • Matching jokes to your character
  • Directing the acting part of your performance
  • The three "acts" that encompass your stand-up comedy or speaking career:
    1. The act itself (your performance)
    2. The act to defend your act
    3. The act to sell your act
  • How to get hired and demand top price


Jim requires 48 hours cancellation notice, or bills you for time reserved. Commit to a fixed appointment time frame that both begins and ends at the agreed upon time.

Sending video or audio tapes of Your act/talk:

On the phone, Jim can give you notes after he reviews your video tapes, audio tapes, scripts, etc. Or, bring your materials with you for in-person office appointments.

Appointment fees:

Consulting fee: $200/hour (all fees are to be paid in United States Dollars).
More than one person attending = an additional $100/hour per additional person; i.e., two people would be $300/hour, etc.

To secure appointment dates, send Jim a check (or charge to your credit card) two weeks in advance, paying at least half the anticipated balance. Balance due by first appointment.
Fees include hours billed for advanced reviewing of your tapes or scripts, if any, plus hours worked at each appointment
Tape review fees: to review audio or video tapes before your appointment:
  • Jim charges three times the running time of the tapes to give him time to stop-and-start the tapes as he takes notes.
  • So, if your tapes are a total of one and a half (1 1/2) hours long, you would be charged for four and a half (4 1/2) hours = $900, etc.
  • Please enclose an estimate of each tape's length.

Hope we will be working together soon. You will be in good hands!

Coaching Schedules: Overview

First tape critiqued takes Jim longer as he is getting to know you and your ideas. Therefore, even if your first tape(es) total under one hour running time, Jim must still charge you the same as if the total were a full hour long:
  • $600 for 3 hours reviewing your comedy & speech technique = 3 hours
  • $1,200 for 2 office or phone appointments, 3 hours each = 6 hours
  • Total: 9 hours = $1,800.00
Additional tapes critiqued:
  • Length of tapes x 3 = [number of hours--actual length] at $200/hour= $___ fee
  • Plus, office or phone appointment hours as mutually agreed.
  • Other writing/coaching/consulting:
      Time (as mutually agreed): [number of hours] at $200/hour= $___ fee

A Program for Every Budget,
A Budget for Everyone's Program

  1. Best Approach: send five minutes to one hour of you on video tape, even if you repeat material between performances or interview shows. Jim will be critiquing your performance consistency as well as the writing. Include any scripts.
    After receipt of your payment, Jim's normal "First Tape critiqued" coaching schedule:
    • Calls you to set up a mutually convenient schedule.
    1. Spends three hours reviewing: your video tapes prior to your first phone appointment. Then, you call Jim at an agreed upon time for your first phone appointment, or take an in-person appointment.
    2. First appointment, three hours: going over techniques needing immediate improvement and reinforcing where you are already effective.
    3. Second appointment, three hours: working on specific sections of your presentation to move you from seat-of-your-pants decisions to rapid improvement via informed choices
    Total initial coaching package: 9 hours x $200/hour = $1,800

  2. Shotgun: Jim can shoot-from-the-hip, watching your tape and making comments as you listen on the phone.
    • Advantage: cost-effective
    • Disadvantage: Jim doesn't have time to reflect so less valuable re.: marketing you nationally and internationally

  3. Script Marking: mail, FAX or e-mail Jim scripts typed double-spaced.
    • Jim marks and sends back to you at $50/page.
    • Cost-effective, and great for catching writing errors before you memorize the material

  4. Discounts for blocks of coaching/writing hours: paid for in advance (assumes Jim's hours working on both writing and coaching will be completed within 12 months):
    • 50 hours: 10% discount ($9,000)
    • 100 hours: 20% discount ($16,000)
    • 150 or more hours: 33.33% discount--plus, any of these "Deluxe Packages" listed below also include Jim's home study materials ($1,000 value):
      • 150 hours ($20,000)
      • 200 hours ($26,666)
      • 300 hours ($40,000)
        • $200/hour for any additional hours

If you have any questions about Jim's fees, please call Jim at: 415-877-4424.
We look forward to receiving your tape(s) and script(s). For the latest version of this "Coaching and Co-Writing" web page:
Plus a convenient order form for all my products and services:
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