Resume 2018

Jim Richardson
P.O. Box 992
Mill Valley, CA 94942
Objective: Work in communications and computers
Available: immediately

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Areas of Expertise in Communications and Technology

Business Technology, operating systems--I work every day with both PCs and Macs:
Microsoft Windows '95/'98/XP/2000 Professional and 2000 Server/XP:
MS Works.
MS Office for Windows which includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, Publisher.
Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3 and Toast Titanium 7.1.3: burning CDs and DVDs.
Apple Macintosh system 7 through OS X -- Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard and Yosemite (10.10.5):
Claris Works a.k.a. AppleWorks a.k.a. iWork which now includes Keynote, Numbers and Pages.
MS Office 2011 for the Mac which includes: Outlook email, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
iLife '09 which includes: iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, iWeb, and GarageBand.
iTunes 12.3.1 and iOS 6.1.6 for iPhone 4, iPod Touch v.4 (released 9/2010), and iPad with FaceTime video conferencing now possible between any combination of iPhone 4 II have an iPhone SE) and/or iPod Touch v. 4 and newer Macs.
Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper back up programs which make an external FireWire hard drive bootable. Time Machine for version back ups.

Professional software--video:
Final Studio 2 (nonlinear video editor) which includes: Final Cut Pro 6.0.6 (used FCP since FCP 2.x), Motion 3, LiveType 2, Soundtrack Pro 2, Color, Compressor 2 , Cinema Tools 4, DVD Studio Pro 4 (Professional DVD authoring), and QuickTime Professional 10.4.
     I lead the Final Cut Pro Special Interest Group (SIG) for the Professional Videographers of the North Bay (PVNB).
Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection: combines CS 4 professional versions of InDesign, Photoshop Extended, Flash Professional (ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0, can output to Flex 3), Illustrator, Soundbooth, and Encore CS3 ( Professional DVD authoring which can already author Blu-ray Discs and publish SWF content to the web), AfterEffects Professional, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Fireworks, Contribute, OnLocation, etc.
     Example: using Adobe Media Encoder to compress video files for my InDesign authored web pages, and then Flash encoded these pages with ActionScript 3 to create my May 2010 multimedia newsletter "Coach Says,"
Adobe Flex Builder 3
Discreet Cleaner: for encoding web videos to play in all the earlier major video players: RealVideo, Windows Media Player and QuickTime examples
Professional hardware--video:
Sony HVR-Z1U: digital HD video camcorder.
iPhone SE via Verizon
Sennheiser evolution wireless 100 G2: wireless microphone receiver/transmitter set.
Azden dual-barrel professional shotgun microphone
Digidesign's Mbox 2 Mini with Pro Tools LE mobile Audio Workstation: digitize, edit and filter out unwanted sounds.
iPodTouch v.4: candid video shoots.
     Example: topical satire video which I shot, directed, edited footage
from both Z1U and iPodTouch v. 4,
and also starred in (shot myself and 2 co-stars)
for Cinema Sports at Mill Valley Film Festival 10-10-2010,
exporting versions for Flash Player, iPhone/iPod/iPad mobile devices and Apple TV (fills 720p digital TV screens): "Danube Dan"
Professional software--desktop publishing:
     Example: used an earlier version of InDesign and Acrobat to author full screen, dynamic multimedia PDFs for my 2009 newsletters "Coach Says."
Professional software--web:
Macromedia Studio MX 2004 with Flash Professional; Macromedia Studio 8; and then Adobe Flash CS3 Professional: Flash animation with ActionScripting 1.0-2.0, FreeHand, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash MX Communications Server, Flash Remoting, ColdFusion 6.1; my published review of Studio MX and some example animations done in Flash 5; using JavaScript for Flash Player version detection and Flash video in Flash MX 2004 with Flash Professional: MediaPlayback component parameters modified with Component Inspector to enable loading and embedding an .flv video file from source video created in Apple's Final Cut Pro HD 4.5, Soundtrack and LiveType before being compressed in Sorenson Compression Suite 4.1 for Windows.
My Studio MX 2004 with Flash Professional resource web page: online tutorials, CDs and books.
Sorenson Compression Suite 4.1 for Windows: Squeeze for Macromedia MX, Spark Professional -- compressing QuickTime movies for playing on the web inside Flash .flv video files; also outputs these formats:
AAC, AIFF, DV, DVD, FLV 1.1; HD for MP1, MP2, MP4, RealMedia, and Windows Media 9; plus: MOV, MP3, MPG (MP1 and MP2), MP4 AVC (H.264), RM, SVCD, SWF, VCD, WAV, and WMV with quality superior to the original media company's own compression products at a smaller files size. Way cool!
UNIX Administration:
Before moving to Marin County, my home office was connected to Internet through WiFi 802.11b 3mbps+ (twice T-1 speeds) as 7th node of West Sonoma Co. Internet Cooperative Corporation; here is my equipment list: Linux Distro on 128MB Compact Flash Card in a VIA EPIA 5000 Mini-ITX, Pentium III Class Motherboard .
Video conferencing and one-on-one computer tutoring internationally from the desktop at 30 frames-per-second:
I can also tutor clients on Mac or PC via one-on-one via video conferencing with iChat AV using my iSight web cam or Intel PC Camera Pro Pack using the free software solution.
And/or I can tutor clients on via Timbuktu Pro Remote Control Software which allows me to see the desktop and manipulate the mouse of clients who also have the software on their Mac or PC. Of course, Leopard (OX X 10.5.8) and later on the Mac now includes this functionality as a Mac-to-Mac solution.

Professional Associations:
Computer Education Services Corporation (CESC): I lead 2-day corporate training sessions for their "Flash MX 2004 Professional: Developing Applications," a Macromedia Approved Training courseware by CESC partner element K, in which ITs and programmers from Clorox in Oakland, CA, completed these two Rich Internet Applications (a.k.a. RIAs).
Macromedia: San Francisco Macromedia Users Forum
Mobile Computing SIG of San Francisco: discusses and shares the latest hardware and software technology in portable and wireless devices, such as PDAs (Pocket PC & Palm), Smart phones, tablets, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flash, etc. Meets at Microsoft HQ in SF and Mountain View, CA.
Video: Bay Area Professional Videographers Association (BAPVA): San Carlos, CA, where I lectured on stage movement for camera
SFCutters: original FCP UG in San Francisco, MacFilmmakers: Cupertino, CA, Apple HQ.
Adobe After Effects and related motion graphics: Bay Area Motion Graphics (BAMG)
Adobe User Groups: North Bay AUG: Santa Rosa, CA; InDesign AUG and Acrobat AUG: San Francisco at Adobe HQ; Photoshop AUG: San Jose, CA, at Adobe HQ.
Apple: Northern California Mac Users Group (NCMUG), Rohnert Park, CA: published articles in their award-winning newsletter.
Wireless Fidelity (a.k.a. WiFi): founded by O'Reilly Publishing's IT Rob Flickenger who wrote "Building Wireless Community Networks,"
the world-renowned built a community supported 802.11b wireless network in Sonoma County, CA
and in 2002, I became the 7th repeating node.

Typing/Key stroking: 65 words per minute

Business Management: Office Efficiency — problem solving, scheduling, human resources, budget, evaluation, payroll, promotions, publicity and multimedia web design, videoconferencing over the Internet

English taught at Junior-Senior High School on through University levels: Language Arts, Drama, Journalism, Video & Film

Public Speaking: Humor, Improvisation, Delivery, Gesture, Vocal Techniques

Administrative Experience
4/1977--present Private coaching, semi-private seminars for clients:
business speakers, entertainers

Client quotes
Producer - booked and marketed entertainers: problem solving, scheduling, evaluating, coordinating
publicity, and meeting a payroll

Related Professional Experience
11/99 Oracle's "Virtual Man"
My comedy background really helped in November 1999 when Oracle asked me to be their on camera talent "Virtual Man" to perform 21 video commercials which I had to read from a TelePrompTer as I re-wrote the original script on-the-fly.
The TV ads were 90-seconds each.
These spots promoted all the major "dot com" web sites then using Oracle 7, 8i, etc., databases (some are now "dot gones"):
CD Now, Diamond Multimedia, Liz Claiborne, Micros Systems, Travelocity, Cisco Systems, eGM, e-Toys, Open Interactive, HomeGrocer, Chevron, Telia, etc.

Biggest hit of the day was my impression of Joe Pesci ("Goodfellas") doing a Miadora spot pushing a Mafia pinky ring.
(BTW: there is no Mafia.)

All 21 spots were shown at Oracle Week in Los Angeles to promote their video-on-demand ITV Video Server.
10/98-present Over 100 speeches to business associations, service clubs, colleges
and chambers of commerce.

Meeting Planner endorsements

1/90-present Wrote 1,200 pages of workbooks and recorded 21 hours of audio
tape on public speaking.

9/73-present Wrote over 200 stage, film and stand-up comedy reviews
in the San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle
Sonoma County newspapers, magazines.
(Samples available.)

11/99 Intel ACE Project Applying Computers in Education
Co-sponsored by Intel, Microsoft & Hewlett Packard
Multimedia, Digital Camera & Office 2000 on Windows '98
40 hours training at Montgomery High School, Santa Rosa

Computer and Information Sciences, 43 units
Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, CA

Sonoma State University
Rohnert Park, CA

9/68-9/71 Master of Fine Arts: Playwriting
Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Ph.D. studies in residence -
Dramatic Literature, Theory, Criticism and
Theater History.
Passing the 5-day Ph. D. comprehensive written and oral exams "with flying colors" qualified me as expert.

9/62-6/68 Master of Arts: English. Minor: Acting
Bachelor: English. Minor: TV & Film Directing
San Francisco State University, California

Teaching Credentials
8/03-7/08 Designated subject Vocational Education (full-time) 1-year Preliminary (renewable for up to 5 years) authorized to teach in 13 subject areas, still a record for the most areas authorized for any Regional Occupational Program (ROP) teacher in California:

Computer Applications, Computer software operation, Electronic publishing, Event and conference planning, Journalism occupations, Marketing, Multimedia production, Office occupations, Performing arts occupations, Printing and graphics occupations, Small business ownership and/or management, Stage technology, and Theatrical occupations.

9/99-8/2000 Emergency Long Term Single Subject Teaching Permit;
Authorized Field: Business

3/99-4/1/2000 Emergency Substitutes TCC, TB Test expires 1/2003
2/99 Professional Assault Response Training (PART) Certificate
8/98 California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)
1977-1982 Part Time Adult Credential
Subject Matter Areas:
Drama, English, Film and Creative Writing

9/3/74-for Life Community College Instructor Credential, Valid for life. No. 63636
Subject Matter Areas:
Language Arts and Literature;
Theater Arts and Related Technologies.

Teaching Experience at Schools and Colleges

New Technology High School
(one of twelve "magnet schools" in U.S.A. featuring state-of-the-art tech teaching environments)
Napa County Office of Education: ROP Teacher
Digital Media 1, periods 4 and 6, teaching part-time at 40% FTE.
Training students to attain proficiency in these software programs using the Windows 2000 Professional desktop operating system:
Windows 2000 Server accessing local Lotus databases, plus FileMaker Pro for online grading
MS Office 2000: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Adobe: PhotoShop and ImageReady 7.0.1
, Illustrator 10, PageMaker 7.0.1, Acrobat 5.5, Distiller 5.0, TypeManager 4.1
Macromedia Studio MX 6.1 and Studio MX 2004 with Flash Professional: Dreamweaver 6.1.1842.0, Flash (embedded video), Fireworks, FreeHand, Contribute 1.0.1890.1

6/2000-720/00 Summer School High School
Santa Rosa City Schools at Elsie Allen High School
English/Basic Skills

9/99-6/2000 Elsie Allen High School, Santa Rosa, California
Computer Literacy 1 & 2: keyboarding, MS Word 5.1 for MAC,
MS Works 3.0 for MAC: word processing, spreadsheets, charts,
databases, merging documents; HTML web page design by hand

3/99-6/99 Sonoma County Schools
Substitute: English, Public Speaking
All grade levels but mostly high school.

11/14/92-2/95 Extension Division
California State University, Hayward
Instructor: Business seminars which I created --
Making the Audience Like You: The Hero/Manager as Role Model
How to Tell a Joke in the Work Place
Delivery: Vocal Tricks That Sell Your Ideas
Improvisation: Thinking on Your Feet

5/16/92-10/95 Community Services Programs
San Mateo County Community College District
Same program of Business seminars as taught at Hayward State (see above)

2/23/91-10/12/91 Community Services Department
Santa Rosa Junior College
Same program of Business seminars as taught at Hayward State (see above)

10/80-3/83 Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California.
Instructor: Stand-Up Comedy Workshop co-sponsored
by English & Theater Arts Depts.,
first in U.S.A. offered for college or university credit.

9/74-1/83 Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, CA.
Instructor: taught Acting, Styles of Acting,
Shakespearean Speech, Stage Movement, Improvisation,
Theater Games, TV Comedy Skits & Stand-Up Comedy

2/77-6/78 New Vista Adult Education Center, Sebastopol, CA
Instructor/Director/Publicist, etc., for The REP
(Redwood Empire Players) semi-professional theater group:
West Coast premieres of Broadway and O
ff-Off Broadway plays.

Later, REP Revue: cast created and I edited/directed their original monologues, skits and song.
Toured professional venues throughout Northern California for 65 performances.

6/74-8/74 Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA
Instructor: taught Playwriting.

9/69-8/70 National Defense Education Act (NDEA)
Fellowship in Playwriting,

Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Extended through summer of 1970:
Some Ph.D. library research at Harvard University,
Cambridge, MA.

6/68-8/68 Acting Scholarship,
Stanford University,
Stanford, CA

6/62 California Scholarship Federation:
made Life Member.

Name/Position Contact information
Lynn Kushel, owner
L. Kushel Company, Work: 888-570-5507, ext. 21;
Home: 415-488-0878, P.O. Box 283, Forest Knolls, CA 94933
Steve Weis, Head
Computer Teacher
Technology Educator, Work: 707-528-5020, Elsie Allen High School,
599 Bellevue Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Home: 707-762-1597, 700 Carlsbad Court, Petaluma, CA
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Chris Kauffman, owner
Chris Kauffman & Company
Nationwide Executive Search & Placement for Professionals in:
Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Institutions, Sales, 912-537-1900, P.O. Box 1895, Vidalia, GA 30475