Audio Clips from Jim's Talks

These two audio clips are from Jim's talk to the Menlo Park Rotary Club in Menlo Park, California. Jim adds some notes to supplement each audio clip to help the reader better follow Jim's argument:

    "Bosses, Dates and New Moms"

  1. Jim how to use humor to:
    • Keep your job
    • Survive bad dates
    • Get children to automatically agree with your point-of-view

    Thinking humorously to convince everyone you are right!
    (audio 422 K ".wave" file, playing time: 1 minutes, 46 seconds)

    "How Better Listening Cures Patients Faster"

  2. Audio clip begins in mid-discussion, Jim proving to the audience that the number one complaint about doctors: "Doctors don't listen!"
    How patients see the doctor during their examination
    (audio 488 K ".wave" file, playing time: 1 minutes, 52 seconds)
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