"A second topper:

is the correct answer

cartoon of happy comic with hand mike Every time you create one joke and struggle to top it, you can't rest yet: immediately try to
top that first topper.

Hint: often, this sequence flows naturally from the first joke.

Whether or not you try to force the sequence, write down every potential topper you think up.

On reflection and after much testing before many audiences, what tops and doesn't top will become clear.

Too many comics throw away potential toppers.
Because we can easily waste time
basking in the glow.
Sure feels good, thinking up a joke that gets a laugh.
"Boy, am I a fine fellow!
Don't be such a

Here's a reason:
It's the 20 seconds afterwards that makes or breaks many a
joke-topper-second topper run.

Note to self:
after 20 years,
Jim still gets warm
over this subject!

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